Tiznit: Orientation, Arrival and Transport

The town’s main square is el Mechouar, where the jewelers’ souk is located and most cheap hotels are clustered. Nearby, just outside Beb Mechouar – the main gate to the Medina – is where you’ll find a good number of amenities, including restaurants, banks, the post office and the taxi rank. The more fancier hotels, as well as the campsite, are to be found at the south of the medina.

Transport in Tiznit

By Bus

All buses leave from the main bus station, just off Tafraoute road a couple of hundred meters from the Thursday souk.

CTM buses have daily departures to for Agadir, Casablanca, Marrakech and Tan Tan. Private companies run to the above destinations plus Sidi Ifni, Tafraoute and Tata

By Grand Taxi

Grand Taxis operate from three different places. Grand Taxis serving Agadir, Inezgane, Tafraoute, Sidi Ifni and Mirehleft leave from main taxi rank opposite the PTT on the eastern part of town.

Goulmine-bound grand taxis leave from opposite the Hotel Idou Tiznit. The stand also services Izakarn, Tantan and Laayoune. Finally, those for Aglou Plage leave from a junction on Avenue Hassan II, near the southwest corner of the Medina.