Taroudant: Orientation, Arrival and Transport

Unlike many other Moroccan towns, Taroudant has no “European” quarter. It does seems at first sight very confusing, with miles of ramparts heading off in every direction and swathes of empty space and derelict buildings.

In fact, orientation is pretty easy around the compact centre of town. All amenities of importance are located on or near the two central squares: Place Alaouyine (known by its Berber name Place Assarag) and Place en Nasr (also known as Place Talmoklate). You’ll find banks, restaurants and cafes clustered in this area and the souk between them to the north.

Transport in Taroudant

By Bus

The main bus station is outside the medina’s southern gate, Bab Zorgane.

CTM has the most reliable bus services, with daily departures to Casablanca via Marrakech. Other private companies run daily services to the same destination, as well as Agadir, Inezgane, Ouarzazate and Tata.

By Grand Taxi

Taroudant’s grand taxis operate from the bus station outside Bab Zorgane, the medina’s southern gate. There are usually direct runs to Agadir, Inezgane, Tata and sometimes Marrakech.