Tangier City Transport

Transport in Tangier is generally good, reliable and of good value.

First, there are taxis and they come in two types: large and small!

Large taxis – called Grands Taxis – are beige / cream Mercedes that carry up to 6 passengers. The price for a ride is fixed in advanced – within the city this comes to around 15-20 dirhams (£1-£1.5).

Small blue or green taxis – called Petits Taxis – carry just three passengers. These are metered and just to give you an idea: a trip around town will cost around 10dh (less than £1). Note that you can hail a small taxi even if it has passengers! As long as the taxi is going to your destination, it will take you. However, you have to pay the full fare.

After 8pm, most taxis – large and small – increase their fares by 50%.

City buses regularly run to the main attractions in Tangier. Of particular importance is route #2 which runs from the Grand Socco to the village of Jabila, near the Caves of Hercules. Route #16 runs to Cape Malabata and connects the train and bus stations. .

Tangier has a bus station called “Gare Routiere” situated south of the Ville Nouvelle. It is only a 15 minute walk from town, or 10dh by petit taxi. This bus station has buses servicing MarrakechFezRabat and other major cities.

The train station in Tanger Ville, a mile from the port or 15dh from the city centre by petit taxi. For the city centre, get off at the penultimate stop, Tanger Moghogha, and then take bus #13 into town. From the city centre, the train station can be reached by bus #16 which also services Tangier’s bus station