Review of El Minzah Hotel Tangier, Morocco

Built in 1931, El Minzah is Tangier’s classiest and most prestigious hotel. A 5-star offering, this is a beautifully maintained landmark that strongly evokes the days of WWII, when it was the nest of mercenaries and secret agents of all kinds. The hotel has also seen a string of famous guests, including Mick Jagger, Cecil Beaton and Jean Genet.

There are 140 guest rooms combining both modern amenities and the charms of old. Facilities include a pool overlooking the sea and town, a wonderful garden and a spa.

There are three onsite restaurants serving French and local food. Not much of nightlife but there is an elegant (if pricey) bar and a belly dancing show provides entertainment at the restaurant.

There is no doubting El Minzah remains Tangier’s most prestigious hotel. The charm lies in its unique architecture that evoques the city’s fascinating past and the quaint ornaments that give the place a special atmosphere.