Tafraoute: Orientation, Arrival and Transport

The best way to get around the villages in the Ameln Valley is through a combination of walking, cycling and petit taxis. You can rent bikes from Abid, next to Hotel Salama, or from the Artisanat du Coin shop. You can also book a mountain biking trip or rent bikes from Au Coins des Nomades or Tafraoute Aventure.

Transport in Tafraoute

By Bus

Buses depart from the main street where companies have their various offices, on Sharia el Jeish el Malaki.

Departure points and times change frequently, but generally there are daily departures to Agadir via Tiznit. Other destinations include Casablanca and Marrakech, although not served frequently.

By Grand Taxi

Grand Taxis leave from the same street where the buses leave from, on Sharia el Jeish el Malaki. The only regular destination is Tiznit.