Guide to Tafraoute, Morocco

Approached by the scenic road from Tiznit or on the newly surfaced road from Igherm, Tafraoute is well worth the effort to visit. It is nestled in the enchanting Ameln Valley, moulded by the jagged panorama of granite boulders and red lava flows. The place looks small and unassuming, but it is actually quite prosperous thanks to the hard-earned cash of Tafraoutis working abroad.

Tafraoute is a pleasant and relaxed place from which you can explore the lunar landscape of the Anti-Atlas. To the northwest lies the Ameln Valley, with its villages set against a backdrop of beautiful rock formation. More serious walkers will enjoy the challenge of climbing the isolated peaks further south on sound quartzite.

The best place to visit Tafraoute is in late February or early March when the almond trees are in full blossom. The villagers celebrate the harvest with all night singing and dancing, and the festival moves from village to village lasting for several days.