Salé: Arrival, Orientation and Transport

The main entrance to the medina is Bab Bou Haja, which opens onto Place Bab Khebaz, a small lane which emerges at the heart of the souks. It can be a little tricky to find you way through the narrow streets, but you should be able to locate the Grand Mosque which is only a 500 metre walk northwest from the souks along Rue Ras ash-Shajara. As far as buildings go, the Grand Mosque marks the most interesting part of town.

Arrival in Sale

By Bus

Sale’s main bus station is some 1 kilometer east of the Medina. From Rabat, there is a succession of buses serving Sale (#12, #13, #14, #16, #34, #38, #42) from the end of Boulevard Hassan II. You should get off just outside the medina’s principal gate, Bab Mrisa.

By Grand Taxi

A taxi is the easiest way to get to Sale from Rabat. Taxis serve specific places in Sale from various points in Boulevard Hassan II and Rue Nador. For Bab Bou Haja, Sale’s main gate, pick up a taxi from near Hotel Bou Regreg on Avenue Hassan II.

From Sale to Rabat, there are departures from Bab Mrisa and Bab el Jadid.

By Train

Trains run frequently between Sale and Rabat, and less frequently north to Kenitra. However, due to the close proximity, a taxi or bus is probably the best option.

By Ferry

From Rabat, you can cross the river Bou Regreg to Sale by rowing boat ferry. These operate from just below the mellah all day, leaving when they are full.