Oukaimeden: Trekking Base and the only Ski Resort in Morocco

Just south of Marrakech is the Mount Oukaimeden, where at the highest peaks snow falls every winter and it stays! This is where the famous village and ski resort of Oukaimeden lays. At 3272 meters, it is the highest ski lift in North Africa, and up until the war the highest in the entire world!

It is not difficult to see why Oukaimeden is a welcome change from your average ski resorts in Europe or America. The scenery of the High Atlas is awe-inspiring, where fairy tale green valleys contrast with the rugged terrain below.Marrakech is only an hour and a half away, and it’s subtropical Africa! You just don’t get a ski resort imbued with this exotic flavour anywhere else.

In summer, Oukaimeden is good target for a trekking base towards the beautiful Toubkal valley. There are also attractive day-hikes and the chance to admire the prehistoric rock carvings of the Atlas.