Nador Tourism: Sights and Attractions

Nador has suffered from severe underdevelopment since the Spanish left in 1957. The past decade has seen the town earmarked for economic development, effectively stamping Nador to be an industrial town. Official buildings, a cement factory and a university dominate: there are no beach side restaurants, picturesque ports or museums to spark any touristic attraction.

Fortunately, right outside town is the most interesting wildlife site in Morocco – a heaven for bird watchers and plant wildlife enthusiasts.

Bird Watching East of Nador

Nador Lagunes

The village of Kariet Arkmane is situated 30 kilometers east of Nador and gives access to highly frequented freshwater and saline sites. These sites are certainly the most important in Morocco and are a major attraction for bird watchers.

In Kariet Arkmane itself, there is an extensive area of salt marsh where insect life is abundant. Insects include: brightly coloured grasshoppers, damselflies, sand spiders and ants. The birds are even more impressive: greater flamingo, black-winged stilt, coot, great-crested grebe and various terns and gulls.

Further east of the coast, the resort of Ras el Ma gives a unique insight into “succession”, whereas a plant community gradually cedes to the next. Typical early colonisers include sea couch and grass marram, which are eventually replaced by sea spurge and sea holly and finally larger species such as juniper and cistus. The area also attracts interesting sea birds, such as dunlin, oystercatcher and more importantly the rare Audouin’s gull.

If you go further along the coast from Ras el Ma, you will discover a freshwater lagoon system comprised of remarkable sand spits 50 meters apart. The birdlife here is varied and very impressive. You should be able to spot white stock, grey heron, little egret and the ever-present kingfishers and black terns. Other varieties include redshank, black-tailed godwit and spotted redshank in the summer.