Morocco Visa: Moroccan Visa Requirements for Tourists

UK and any other EU passport holders do not require a Morocco visa to enter the country for up to 3 months (ninety days). However, make sure to check your passport validity and visa requirements before you depart as these can change at any time without prior notice.

Entry to Morocco is pretty straightforward: you only need fill in a form about your personal details, profession and purpose of visiting the country. Note that point-of-entry officers may enter goods – especially electronic equipments – into your passport. If you leave the country without them, they will be assumed sold and you will be liable to 100% duty. If you lose your items during your visit, make sure you have police documentation of theft when leaving to avoid paying this duty.

If you are travelling with children, make sure to affix their photographs to parents’ passports. This may sound like a trivial formality, but be warned that families are regularly refused entry to Morocco for failing to comply with this simple procedure!

My 3 months are up, how do I extend my stay in Morocco?

If your 3 months are up and you want to extend your stay in Morocco, you should officially apply to the Bureau des Etrangers in the nearest large town. The process involves: opening a bank account in Morocco and getting Attestation de Residence from your place of stay (hotel, campsite etc). Note that you will need to have at least a minimum of 20,000 Moroccan dirham (about £1250) in your Moroccan bank account before making an application.

You then head to the Bureau des Etrangers with the following documents: passport, 6 passport photos, two copies of your Attestation de Residence and two copies of your bank statement. After filling in the required forms, you have to wait for your residence permit.

Sounds too complicated? It does and worse still the wait can go on for a long time. A possible way to get around the bureaucracy is to simply leave Morocco for a few days and then re-enter. The obvious choice is Spain, precisely the enclave of Ceuta, for its proximity. Re-enter the country from a difference post… if you’re unlucky and get caught, apply for a re-entry visa from a Moroccan consulate abroad.

Useful Consular Contacts

Moroccan Embassy in the UK

49 Queen’s Gate Garden
SW7 5NE.
Tel: 020 7581 5001
Fax: 020 7225 3862

Visa Section: Diamond House,
97/99 Praed Street,
London W2.
Tel: 020 7724 0719

British Consulates elsewhere in Morocco


c/o Immeuble Oumlil, third floor, Avenue Hassan II, Agadir. Tel: +212 (48) 823401


43 Boulevard d’Anfa, Casablanca. Tel: +213 (22) 437704


55 Boulevard Zerktouni, Residence Taib, Marrakech. Tel: +212 (44) 435095


41 Boulevard Mohammed V, BP 2122, Tangier. Tel: +212 (3) 9941557