Morocco Map: Map of Morocco

Morocco Map

Morocco is situated in the top Western tip of Africa. It is bordered by the Mediterranean and Atlantic seas and by Algeria from the east. The country is very close to Europe, only an hour’s ferry ride from Spain.

On the above map are Morocco’s main cities and tourist destinations. Geographically, the country can be divided into four zones. First, there is the coast, both Atlantic and Mediterranean. It is best enjoyed in TangierAsilah or Larache in the North or Essaouira along the Atlantic Coast. Am I missing Agadir there? No! It’s more useful as a starting base for exploration to nearby towns and beaches, but not as a resort itself.

Then, there is the mountainous range encompassing the Atlas and the Rif. The Atlas range cuts right across the interior, with the Rif a kind of extension in the North around the Mediterranean coast. This area is inhabited mostly by indigenous Moroccan Berbers, still maintaining their ancestral language and way of life. The Rif feels rather anarchic with a few exceptions, so the main focus for tourism is in the Atlas range – accessible and very exciting. Here you can hike in the Djebel Toubkal, Africa’s highest peak, in the summer or ski around Oukaimeden in winter. Think of it as the Alps in the nineteenth century, undiscovered and unspoiled.

The biggest cities – like Casablanca and Rabat – are situated in the plains, also called “Maroc Utile” as most of Morocco’s mineral wealth is situated here. The feel here is mostly cosmopolitan, but the real interest lies in the imperial cities of Fes and Marrakech. Life here remains mainly medieval and there is a great deal to enjoy amongst the cities monuments, medinas and souks.

Finally, the fully fledged Sahara or the great southern routes. You can travel by car, taxi or a four-wheel drive and explore the oases of Erfoud, Zagora and Figuig with their unique architecture and vast palmeries stretching into the horizon.