Morocco Hotels: A Guide to Hotels in Morocco

Hotels in Morocco are generally cheap, good value and easy to locate. You should be able to pick from a wide range, except for the major resorts – like AgadirMarrakech and Fez – at the height of the holiday season. During the month of August, there can be a shortage so make sure you book your hotel in advance.

Moroccan Hotels can be distinguished as either: unclassified (non classés) or classified (classés) hotels.

Unclassified Hotels have no star rating, very few facilities and are to be found within the old quarters – or medinas.

By contrast, classified hotels have a star rating according to their level of comfort and are generally located in the Ville Nouvelle (new quarters). In this guide, and throughout the website, we will only focus on classified hotels as you will get a reasonable level of comfort for your money there.

Guide to Classified Hotels in Morocco

Classified Hotels are given a star rating by the Moroccan Tourist Board. They tend to be found exclusively in the “new” or administrative quarters of the town, called “La Ville Nouvelle”.

At the bottom of the scale are one star hotels. A basic double room with a washbasin costs around £10 a night, and £12 with a shower and WC.

For two and three-star hotels, you would be paying around £25 for a double with shower and WC. You will obviously get more comfort and you could also find old, elegant hotels in this category. These hotels are generally comfortable, efficient and good value for money.

Moving up the scale, we’re looking at four-star hotels. These are usually used by most UK tour operators as they offered the same level of European standards. These hotels cost in the range of £40 – £70 for a double and are likely to offer discounted rates off-season.

If you can afford the upper end of four-star hotels in Morocco, you will be moving into real style: old palace residences that have been converted into hotels with rooms looking out onto palm-shaded gardens and pools.

Finally, five-star hotels are the ultimate in luxury and style is guaranteed. Such luxurious hotels could be historic conversions of grand old palaces – such as the famous Hotel Mamounia in Marrakech. More recently, five-star luxury hotels are recently-built modern buildings with a splendid pool, fitness centre and all the other familiar luxury comforts.