Tarifa Tanger: Guide to the Tarifa Tanger Ferry Crossing

A Spanish alternative to sailing to Tangier is Tarifa, now a regular destination for ferry crossings to and from Tangier. The Tarifa Tangier ferry offers the fastest crossing of the strait of Gibraltar, with a catamaran making the trip in a nippy 35 minutes.

FRS (Ferrys Rapidos del Sur) operates the service, with two to eight sailings a day according to season. Fares are €22 per passenger one way (children travel on half price), €12/€22 per bike/motorbike, €68 per car and €109 per caravan.

Booking your Tarifa Tangier Ferry

Online booking is the best way to book your Tarifa Tanger ferry simply and securely.

Use a service such as Aferry to book your return ferry to Tangier. You then simply collect your ticket at the port of crossing by showing a relevant ID (a passport).

Tarifa Tanger Ferry: Practicalities

Disembarking at Tangier ferry port can be a slow process; with long queues for custom and passport control.

However, this could be made worse if you forget to get your passport stamped as you will be left until last by custom officials. So remember: get your passport stamped while on board the ferry. Announcements are made throughout the journey but not always in English. The important thing is to make your way to the purser’s office during your journey.

Once you go through customs, you will pass into the ferry terminal building. In and around the building, there is a bureau de change and branches of the various banks that sell dirhams at regular rates. There is also an “Assurance Frontière” office in case you need to sort out your vehicle insurance.

A word of warning about unofficial guides – or hustlers – outside the port entrance: ignore them. They are persistent and tell you all sorts of stories: they’ll guide you into town, the hotels are full and you need their services to find a place to stay etc. Don’t feel obliged to answer them, just ignore them completely and continue with your journey.