Tanger Ferry: Guide to Tangier ferry routes from Spain and France

Tanger is the second biggest Moroccan port with close proximity to Spain. As such there are regular ferry connections to the Spanish port of Algeciras. Furthermore, there are more connections with the French port of Sete.

This Tanger Ferry guide will cover ferry routes to Tangier and arrival practicalities.

Ferry Algeciras Tanger

The most popular and frequent Tanger ferry service is from the Spanish port of Algeciras. Almost all ferry companies operate this route and there is a ferry run every 90 minutes between the two ports.

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Sete Tanger Ferry

This ferry route links Tangier to the French port of Sete, a small city some two hours by train from Marseilles. This car-ferry service is less frequent and takes longer, sailing for 36 hours.

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