Casablanca Car Hire: A Guide to Casablanca Car Rental

Casablanca car rental is the most competitive in Morocco, making for some of the best car rental deals in the country. This comes as no surprise as Casablanca is the economic hub of Morocco, home to the greatest number of local rental agencies and international firms – well represented with offices in the city centre and Mohammed V Airport.

This Casablanca Car Hire Guide will cover the options available to you to hire a car in Casablanca, costs and rental agreements.

Casablanca Car Rental: What’s on Offer

Car Rental in Casablanca is very competitive and there is no shortage of agencies to choose from. The town is littered with local car rental agencies, totalling over 100, as well as the major international rental firms such as Hertz, Budget and Avis.

The smallest car available is generally a Fiat Uno, more rarely a Renault 4. A reliable small car, with small clearance and better road holding, is the Peugeot 205. These will cost from around 3500 dh per week, or 500dh per day for unlimited mileage.

Four-wheel drives include the Suzuki Gemini (2 persons), the Vitara (4 persons) and the Mitsubishi Pajeros (6 persons). The cost is considerably higher, up to 10 000 dh per week or 1,400 per day for unlimited mileage.

How to hire a car in Casablanca … and save in the process!

For Casablanca car hire, you have the options of choosing from the local Moroccan agencies or the better known international rental firms – the likes of Avis and Hertz – which have also offices in the city centre and Mohammed V Airport. Which one should you go for?

The local agencies will offer much cheaper prices than international firms. In Casablanca, the stiff competition results in deals considered the best in the country. When phoning around, you should haggle for cheaper deals and during the low-season, discounts of up to 20% should be expected. A good place to start looking is around Avenue des FAR, Boulevard Mohammed V and Mohammed V Airport, where most of the offices of local agencies are based.

However, international car rental firms have one major advantage over local agencies: service in case of emergencies, breakdown or accident. Through their network of offices throughout Morocco, a replacement car can be sent to you from the nearest depot. Besides, you can book in advance over the Internet and get discounts of up to 30%.

To get the best deal on your Casablanca car rental, I suggest you use a comparison site to automatically shop around and save in the process. My top pick is TravelSupermarket, which has the largest range of all car hire companies represented in Casablanca. I also recommend doing a search on CarRentals, a good broker which has special offers on Casablanca car hire.

Casablanca Car Hire Insurance and Practicalities

Insurance is a compulsory and sold with all car rental agreements. You should take out Collision Damage Waiver insurance (up to 110 dh a day) and it’s also a good idea to take out personal insurance (around 40 dh per day). Note that most car rental agreements prohibit the use of cars in unsurfaced roads and as such you will not be covered for any off-road driving damages.

Before setting out, check the car condition: tyre condition, presence of jack and warning triangle, safety belts and working lights. Make sure you car comes with a spare tyre, a toolkit and full documentation – including insurance cover.

Useful Casablanca Car Hire Contacts:

Avis: 19, Avenue des FAR. Telephone: 022 31 24 24

Budget: Tours des Habous, Avenue des FAR. Telephone: 022 31 31 24

Hertz: 25, Rue el Oraibi Jilali. Telephone: 022 48 47 10

EuropCar: Tours des Habous, Avenue des FAR. Telephone: 022 31 37 37

National: 12, Rue el Oraibi Jilali. Telephone: 022 27 71 41

These car rental agencies have also desks at Casablanca Mohammed V Airport or will meet arrivals by arrangement.