Morocco Accommodation Guide

There is a wide range of accommodation to cater for all tastes and budgets in Morocco. However, given the large influx of tourists – especially from France and the UK – in recent years, there might be a shortage of Morocco accommodation in the main holiday resorts in August.

Your first choice for accommodation is obviously hotels. A main distinction between the various hotels in Morocco is the classification given by the Moroccan Tourist Board. Unclassified Hotels are the cheapest, and are generally to be found within the old quarter of the city (or medina). A low price comes with its drawbacks, as there are very few facilities, no bedding and even heating (note that this can be a real problem in cold nights or down south in the desert).

For any level of comfort, you’ll want to go with Classified Hotels, with a star-rating. These are to be found in the new quarters of the city, away from the hustle and bustle of the medina. Expect some level of comfort up to European / American standards with a 4-star hotel (stylish double bedrooms, good room service, pool etc).

The other type of accommodation that is the entire craze now in Morocco is riads, also called “maisons d’hote”. These are residential houses, with a distinct Moroccan architecture, that you can rent by room or as a whole. They range from simple homes to grand, deluxe palaces with Jacuzzis and plunge pools. What sets them apart from hotels is their distinct Moorish look that fully compliments the charm of a Morocco holiday. There is also the tranquility and personal service that you will be hard pressed to find in a hotel.