Vegetable Tagine: Vegetable Tagine Recipes

Traditionally, Moroccan tagines contain a variety of meats – chicken, lamb, fish -, dried fruits and vegetables. However, in Northern Morocco all-vegetable tagines are quite common, served after an array of salads. These vegetable tagines are great for vegetarians and vegans who want to taste the unique flavour of a Moroccan tagine without the addition of meats or dried fruits.

The vegetable tagines presented here are marvellous fragrant dishes, especially if the vegetables are fresh and not ripened in crates. The tagine of Swiss chard blends onions, coriander and paprika to season the sauce and is thickened with rice. The tagine of okra and tomatoes is a combination of fresh okras poached in a thick, rich tomato sauce flavoured with sweet paprika.

If you do not mind meat, then try the unique stuffed vegetable tagine with beautifully arranged stuffed tomatoes surrounded by stuffed courgette shells, all glazed with herbed eggs.