Fish Tagine: Fish Tagine Recipes

Tagines are generally meat based, especially with lamb and chicken, but a fish version is quite common too. Morocco is after all a fishing country and the Atlantic coast provides fresh sea food daily. The slow cooking process in the earthenware and the delicate perfuming preparation make the fish tagines all the more richly textured and robust – a delight you should definitely try.

Fish tagines are always cooked with charmoula – a marinade of oil, spices, herbs and lemon juice. Charmoula invariably contains garlic, paprika, cumin and green coriander but you there are always regional variations like the addition red pepper oil in Tetouan and ginger in Marrakech. Our charmoula recipe is fairly standard but you can always experiment with other spices to make it stronger.

Try some classic fish tagines like the fish tagine with tomatoes, potatoes and green peppersfish tagine with olives,fish tagine with celery and fish tagine with carrots. When cooking fish tagines, arrange pieces of celery, carrots or bamboo cane at the base of the earthenware tagine in a crisscross pattern. This will be the base of your tagine and will keep the fish from sticking to the bottom of the earthenware tagine.