Chicken Tagine: Chicken Tagine Recipes

Chicken tagine is another great and exquisite theme of Moroccan cooking. There are numerous combinations and different variations enriched by the addition of different ingredients and spices. With each combination you will end up with a delicious chicken tagine that is unique in both flavour and texture – a whole new dimension of chicken tagine experience.

We start with the classic Chicken tagine with lemon and olives. You can try different variations with this exquisite theme: chicken tagine with lemons and olives emshmel, multi-spiced and served in plentiful onion-based sauce, chicken tagine with olives, lemons and eggschicken tagine with green, cracked olives and finally chicken tagine with lemons and olives makalli, spiced with saffron and ginger and served in a thick sauce with plentiful chicken liver sauce.

Next are chicken kdras – a somewhat blander chicken tagine cooked with a base of Moroccan butter – smen – and onions spiced with pepper and saffron. Some classics here include Chicken tagine with chickpeas – djedj bil hummus -, chicken tagine with almonds – djedj bil looz – and the classic Fez-style chicken tagine with smen.

Other varieties of chicken tagine include the use of honey and fruits. Discover the Chicken tagine with sweet tomato jam and the Tangier-specialty, chicken tagine with prunes.