Moroccan Soup: Moroccan Soup Recipes

A really good soup is one of the finer dishes of the Moroccan cuisine, enjoyed by Moroccans from all walks of life. In rural areas, humble ingredients are infused with herbs and spices into a heavy, rich and nourishing meal. In cities, more refined creations are finished with vegetables and meats – soups guaranteed to make those who eat them swoon, at least for the duration of the meal.

However, soups are best known for their ability to bring people together. The holy month of Ramadan, the month of fasting, is one of the most striking features of Morocco and soups feature prominently in the kitchen table. The most famous of these soups, eaten at sun down, is Harira – a peppery and lemony sauce enriched with vegetables and meats and thickened with yeast or flour and water. Today, there are as many varieties of Harira as there are cooks: the dish can be a simple traditional type of lentils or chickpeas, or an elaborate variation on the ingredients and tedouira – the thickening mixture.

Besides Harira, we feature traditional favourites: Harira Karwiya and Chroba bil HummusCaraway soup , Harira Karwiya, is a fortifying soup flavoured with caraway seeds and lemon juice and traditionally served with roasted lamb. Chickpeas soup –Chorba bil Hommos is a chorba, a lighter version of Harira served in summer. It is well spiced and nourishing but without the tedouira – the thickening mixture of yeast, flour or eggs.