Guide to Midelt, Morocco

At Midelt, you feel as if you are at the centre of Morocco. Sitting between the north and the south and stuck between the Middle Atlas and the High Atlas, Midelt marks the transition to the south and the desert. Coming from the north in particular, the bleak plain of scrub and desert tell you than you have left the Middle Atlas. Suddenly, the great peaks of the Eastern High Atlas rise from behind the town to a massive range, the Djebel Ayachi at 3700 metres.

The breathtaking views of the Eastern High Atlas is the most compelling reason to visit Midelt, as the town itself is rather drab and unassuming. It consists of little more than one main street, a small souk and a couple of oversized cafes and restaurants. However, the town has a rather relaxed – predominantly Berber – atmosphere which makes it a good place to relax on your way to off-piste exploring Djebel Ayachi.

The climate of Midelt is at an extreme: bitterly cold in winter and extremely hot in summer. The best time to visit is in autumn and for those who do stop the best time to be here is for the huge Sunday souk.