Larache Hotels: Reviews of Hotels in Larache

There is decent range of accommodation in Larache but you’re always hard pressed for choice here.

If you’re travelling in the summer season, it is a good idea to book ahead as most rooms will be occupied by holidaying expatriate Moroccans.

Hotel Riad Larache

An old 19th century former mansion for the Duchesse de Guise, Hotel Riad is supposedly the best hotel in Larache for perks. There is restaurant, bar, swimming pool, cafe, gardens, tennis courts and even its own pizzeria.

La Maison Haute Larache

La Maison Haute Larache

This beautifully-restored Hispano-Moorish house is one of the best accommodation options in Larache. Beautifully decorated rooms, a roof-top terrace with breathtaking views over the market square and ocean and plenty of simplicity, warmth and tradition around.

Hotel Espana Larache

Hotel Espana used to be the grand hotel in town during Spanish colonial times. Today, the place is sadly faded and much decayed although there is still a hint of elegance about it. The hotel has a range of rooms (with or without bathrooms) and prices.