Larache Sights: Guide to Larache Tourist Attractions

Larache bears much of its old Spanish colonial imprint, when it used to be the main port of the Northern Spanish zone. There are Spanish old hotels, bars, restaurants and even a Spanish cathedral!

The town can be best described as an amalgam of Tangier and Tetouan: an attractive but not spectacularly so.

Place de la Liberation

Larache Place de Liberation

Originally called Plaza de Espana, Place de la Liberation is the central, circular square of the town.

It is a remarkable piece of Spanish colonial architecture with arcades and a few local restaurants around. A good place to rest and mingle with the locals.

The Medina

The Medina is just off the centre square, through Bab el Khemis.

It is a compact and somewhat chaotic web and alleys leading all the way to the port. It seems a bit neglected, as most families have moved to new parts of town, but it’s still airy in design and quite exotic.

Larache Medina

The Beach

Larache Beach

The beach in Larache lies across the estuary of the River Loukkos. There are miles of a fine sandy beach shaded by trees and flanked by a fine selection of restaurants.

The beach is surprisingly clean despite being overcrowded in the summer months. With a few tourists around, the majority are locals or expatriate Moroccans.

A word of warning: Do not swim too far as the waves can get dangerously high.

Ancient Lixus

Ancient Lixus is the site of the most important Roman and Carthaginian ruins in Morocco. The site mystique centres on the Labours of Hercules or the legendary Gardens of the Hesperides to which he was ultimately dispatched.

The ruins are only around a quarter excavated, but they still look impressive. There is a track leading to a Roman amphitheatre and baths built into the side featuring some remarkable mosaic. Above the theatre and the baths are ramparts, sanctuaries and a number of pre-Roman buildings.

Even if you have no interested in ancient history, it is still worth visiting the place for its tranquillity and the unique panoramic view. The site lies on a hillside with the Loukos River winding through open fields below and forested hills above.

Ancient Lixus is four to five kilometers walk from Larache tow or beach. You can also board bus number #5 or #6 from town, or charter one of the boats from the beach for around 75dh.

Lixus Larache