Larache: A guide to Larache, Morocco

Larache is a small, easy going summer resort very much popular with holidaying Moroccans. Like TangierAsilahTetouan and elsewhere in Northern Morocco, the defining look is that of a blue and white medina, whitewashed houses, close connection to the sea and long beaches. Larache has also retained much of its Spanish imprint, much more than any other northern town. There are Spanish hotels, Spanish-run bars and restaurants and even a Spanish cathedral.

What you will find here is an easy-going atmosphere unlike anywhere else. There are no “faux guides” or hustlers, a bustling social life and very little difference in sexes. In fact, when walking down the street, you’ll see as many women as men – a reassuring sign for women looking for a quiet bath in Larache’s long, clean beaches!

The focus point in the town for tourists is the ancient ruin of Lixus, one of the most picturesque Roman settlements in North Africa. It is the legendary site of the Gardens of the Hesperides, the penultimate Labour of Hercules.