Guide to Kenitra, Morocco

Travelling from Tangier or Fez to Rabat, you will bypass the stretch of coast around Kenitra. This easy going port town has little to catch your attention except for a couple of worthwhile attractions in the surrounding area.

The paucity of attractions in Kenitra is probably due to its recent history. The town was only established by the French in 1912 in order to channel trade from Fez to Marrakech. The town was originally known as Port Lyautey – named after the Resident General founder. After independence, a large military and naval base was established in close cooperation with the US. Sadly, the Americans left after the first Golf War and so did the several bars and clubs in town. However, Kenitra retains much of its friendly atmosphere and is considered livelier than most Moroccan cities of similar size.

South of Kenitra are some interesting and worthwhile detours. These include the beach and Kasbah at Mahdiya and the botanical extravagance of the Jardins Exotiques. Bird-watchers will also be interested in the beautiful freshwater Lake Sidi Bourhaba, known internationally for its bird of prey.