Guide to Inezgane, Morocco

Inezgane, on the north bank of the Oued Souss, is almost a suburb of Agadir, only 13 kilometers away. The two cities couldn’t be more different from each other though: Inezgane is intrinsically Moroccan and the biggest transport hub for the region, much more so than Agadir.

Although Inezgane is not a tourist destination, some travellers enjoy stopping here to sample the Moroccan feel of the town, only a stone’s throw from soulless Agadir. Just across the main bus station, there is a wonderful city market, full of fresh vegetables, fruit, spices and traditional cosmetics. You’ll also find dozens of cheap cafes and restaurants outside the market and around the main square.

Transport in Inezgane

Inezgane is connected to Agadir by frequent local buses – #5 and #6 – and grand taxis, leaving and arriving at Place Salam in Agadir.

Inezgane is also the major transport hub for the whole region, with buses going in all possible directions. The bus station is just off Avenue Mokhtar Soussi, a wide street running from the central square to the Agadir – Tiznit road. The CTM and private bus companies’ offices are on either side of the street.

Useful bus and grand taxi departures from Inezgane include: TaroudantTiznitGoulmine, Tan Tan, Essaouira and Marrakech.