Guide to Immouzer des Ida Outanane, Morocco

Immouzer des Ida Outanane, a minor regional and market centre, takes you 60 kilometers northeast of Agadir into the foothills of the High Atlas. This is a superb excursion from Agadir that takes you through the aptly named Paradise Valley, a beautiful palm-lined gorge and a popular picnic and swimming spot.

The village is renowned for its waterfalls, which roll down from the hills some 4 kilometers to the north. The cascades are at their most spectacular in spring, when water flows more strongly and almond blossoms everywhere. At other times of the year, the falls are reduced to a trickle due to tight irrigation control but a second, nearby waterfall is allowed to run its natural course (ask for the “second waterfall”). If you don’t mind ice water, you can take advantage of the plunge pools and wind down at the canopy of the falls.

However, even without water pressure, Immouzer is a delightful place just to hang around for a few days and walk. You can camp out in a hamlet just across the streams from the falls, among the olive groves and a nearby café (Café de Miel) serving basic food. A memorable short hike is to follow the paths across the cliffs to the Hotel des Cascades. For a full day’s hike, you can trek off the Marrakech road and enjoy the rich local birdlife.

In Immouzer village, Thursday is souk day. The local specialty is honey and a moussem (festival) is held every August for a week starting from the middle of the month.