Flights to Ouarzazate: Flights from the UK to Ouarzazate, Morocco

Ouarzazate is the main base and starting point for those looking for the ultimate “Saharan Adventure”. The town has a great selection of hotels that can be your base to explore the nearby Kasbahs, Ksours, Oases and the great Saharan routes. The town is also famous for its film studio, a setting for great blockbusters of late including Gladiator, Alexander and Kingdom of Heaven.

There are no direct flights to Ouarzazate from the UK. However, a number of connecting flights, via France or internally in Morocco, are available.

Connecting Flights to Ouarzazate

Ouarzazate has connecting flights from the UK in Morocco itself. We suggest you opt for a connecting flight at Casablanca, the main aviation hub in the country. For instance, Royal Air Maroc has a scheduled flight to Ouarzazate from London Heathrow that changes at Casablanca Airport.

There are also connecting flights via France. These connect from Orly Airport in Paris, but be aware that generally these are irregular links.

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