Cheap Flights to Morocco: How to Find the Cheapest Flight to Morocco from UK

Are you looking for cheap flights to Morocco? This guide has all the information and links you need to find cheap flights to Morocco, from airliners and budget specialists flying directly to major destinations in the country, to charter flights and connecting ones in mainland Europe and Morocco itself.

The Internet is a great place to find cheap flights. You can compare prices across different flights (direct, scheduled, and connecting) and a huge range of airliners.

However, information load can be a real problem as are hidden fees and flight times. For example, a £80 flight to Agadir may seem attractive, but how about waiting for a whole 3 hours at Casablanca before boarding your connecting flight? Would you rather pay 10 or £20 extra and fly directly there?

As such, we will tell you who flies directly from the UK to which destination in Morocco. We will then proceed to Charter and Connecting Flights that can be easily included in your search using a flight comparison engine.

But first, we start with some simple tips on how to increase your chances of finding a cheap flight to Morocco by simply being more flexible with your schedule.

So read on and don’t forget to click on the links to find your cheap flight to Morocco.

Tips to Increase your Chances of Finding a Cheap Flight to Morocco

To get the cheapest fares to Morocco, our best advice is to shop around and be flexible. This might seem like a no brainer, but a lot of people do miss great deals on flights to their destination by being restrictive in their search criteria. .

Before looking for cheap flights on the Web, bear these simple tips in mind:

  1. Book your flight as far ahead as possible. There are last minute cheap flight deals, but usually the best fares sell out weeks ahead.
  2. Flights on Friday, Saturday and Sunday usually attract a weekend supplement. Avoid these if possible.
  3. Be flexible and add a few days either way of your preferred departure date.
  4. If you’re travelling one-way, check return fairs too. This will work a lot cheaper than having to buy your return ticket separately.
  5. Always search on more than one site for your destination. Flight-comparison search engines are a great tool that will save you time and money.

Direct Flights to Morocco from the UK: Who’s on the Cheap!

Royal Air Maroc and British Airways are the airliners that operate the bulk of direct flights to Morocco from the UK. These are not exactly known for being low-cost but they are worth a look, especially BA, during quieter times.

The good news is the availability of budget flights to Morocco, offered by low-cost specialists. These includeThomsonfly EasyJet Ryanair and GB Airways (a subsidiary of British Airways).

The table below summarises direct flights from the UK to Morocco. Please note that fare prices are only approximate quotes for return flights, inclusive of taxes.

Your search does not end here. You need to include charter and connecting flights and check the fares across airliners. More on that on the next section: Using Flight Comparison Engines.

DestinationAirline / Departure AirportReturn FareBook Now
AgadirRoyal Air Maroc / Heathrow AirportFrom £230Book Now
CasablancaBritish Airways / Heathrow AirportFrom £187Book Now
CasablancaRoyal Air Maroc / Heathrow AirportFrom £210Book Now
FesGB Airways / Heathrow AirportFrom £70Book Now
FesRyanair / Luton Airport?Book Now
FesRoyal Air Maroc / Heathrow AirportFrom £200Book Now
MarrakechGB Airways / Luton, Gatwick & Manchester AirportsFrom £60Book Now
MarrakechEasyJet / Gatwick Airport?Book Now
MarrakechRyanair / Luton Airport?Book Now
MarrakechThomsonfly / Luton & Manchester AirportsFrom £60Book Now
MarrakechRoyal Air Maroc / Heathrow & Gatwick AirportsFrom £240Book Now

Use Flight Comparison Engines

The Internet is a powerhouse that will save you time and money on your way to finding a cheap flight to Morocco. Using the right type of cheap flight finding website will bag the cheapest flight to your destination in a matter of minutes!

There are two types of flight-finding websites we recommend:

  • Screen Scrapers: For specific dates and destinations
  • Flight Brokers: For a combined flight and hotel break

Screen Scrappers

Screen scrapers are price-comparison websites that “scrape” date off other sites screens to get you the prices. In other words, these sites will super shop around on normal airlines, budget airlines and flight-broker websites to find you the cheapest flights to your destination. You simply enter your trip details and in a matter of minutes you will get a report of who’s flying to your destination and at what prices.

Screen scrapers don’t search the same sites, so I recommend you use at least two. These are my top recommendations:

Kayak: Has a great range of options, easy to use and very accurate. Simply enter your trip details and it will report back all available flights. After your search is complete, you can use its powerful tool bar to filter out the right trip for you. You can also search many destinations, like flying from London to Marrakech, driving to Agadir and flying back from there.

TravelSupermarket:This one will give a greater range than Kayak which only includes main airliners. Using TravelSupermarket, your search will also include budget airlines and flight brokers. It is easy to use if you can tolerate the rather clumsy search results.

Flight Brokers

Flight brokers are companies that have a direct commercial relationship with airlines, enabling them to offer their own special offers. Flight brokers can also offer you additional discounts if you book a hotel with your flight.

The top two we recommend you give a try are:

Expedia : The biggest player in the flight brokerage market, giving you more special offers and extra discounts when booking your flight with a hotel. Easy to use and offers mutli-destination searches.

Travelocity : Very easy to use and the search results has a tool on the left the lets you adjust your trip details to find cheaper flights. It has also some very strong and exclusive special offers.