Cheap Flights to Marrakech, Morocco

With Marrakech such a popular tourist destination, there is a great deal of flights to the red city from London and regional UK Airports. British Airways and Royal Air Maroc operate scheduled direct flights to Marrakech from London Heathrow and Gatwick Airports. Low-cost carriers also fly this route, with EasyJetAtlas BlueRyanair and Thomsonflyall operating direct, cheap flights to Marrakech from London, Luton, Bristol and Manchester.

Cheap Flights to Marrakech from the UK

The table below summarises all the cheap flights to Marrakech from the UK operated by low-cost carriers. Note that the fare is only an approximate estimation of the lowest fare you can expect for a return inclusive of taxes.

Departure AirportLow-Cost CarrierReturn Fare
London GatwickEasyJey£100Book Now
London GatwickAtlas Blue£100Book Now
London LutonRyanair£40Book Now
Bristol AirportRyanair£40Book Now
Manchester AirportThomsonfly£120Book Now

Find Cheap Flights to Marrakech in 5 minutes!

You do not have to check every other airline operator out there to find cheap flights to Marrakech. There are some great flight-comparison engines out there that you can use effortlessly to quickly find the cheapest flight to Marrakech in a matter of minutes.

An Internet tool I greatly recommend to use is screen scrappers. These are sites that will super shop around on normal airlines, budget airlines and flight-broker websites to find you the cheapest flights to your destination. To find cheap flights to Marrakech, my top recommendation goes to:

  • Kayak: This is a real gem, with an easy to use interface and a great range of options. Simply enter your departure airport and your destination (in our case Marrakech), and Kayak will report back all available flights. You can search by one-way, round-trip, weekend or combine with a hotel. On the search results, you can compare the fares on different dates, see the details of flights or go directly to the low-cost carrier.
  • TravelSupermarket: The search results are rather clumsy to my liking, but you will find this tool a great addition to Kayak. TravelSupermarket not only covers main and budget airlines, but also flight-brokers – companies offering discounts and special offers direct from the airlines.

Use TravelSupermarket with Kayak and you would have covered all the options available to you, enabling you to find the Cheapest Flights to Marrakech from the Web.