Flights to Morocco: Overview of Morocco Flights from the UK

Morocco has traditionally been an expensive destination to fly to. Despite the presence of major carriers serving the country, there has been a shortage of budget flights to Morocco. However, this has all changed when Morocco signed an open skies treaty with the EU in 2006. This treaty has created a liberalised air space, opening up Moroccan airports to unrestricted competition.

Today, in addition to charter flights from British Airways and Royal Air Maroc, there is a great deal of cheap flights to Morocco offered by budget airlines. These include EasyJet, Ryanair and Thomsonfly. British Airways franchise partner GB Airways has also significantly increased its range of flights to Morocco. Similarly, Royal Air Maroc has launched an online subsidiary, Atlas Blue, in 2004 to compete for the low-budget flight market to the country.

Most fights to Morocco depart from London airports (Gatwick and Heathrow). The only regional airport that has direct flights to Morocco is Manchester Airport. Thomsonfly and GB Airways offer direct flights to Marrakech from Manchester.

Connecting Flights

For connecting flights, the widest range of flights to Morocco is available from France and Spain, the ex-colonial powers. However, neither of these options are really ideal for making a connecting flight from the UK. First, most of the flights to Morocco depart from O’Rly Airport, rather than Charles de Gaulle – the ideal airport for feeder flights from regional UK airports. Second, you can no longer arrange booking via Madrid or Barcelona from regional UK airports since BA withdrew from these routes.

Therefore, we’d strongly suggest a direct route from a British airport. If you can’t fly directly to your destination, consider flying to another Moroccan airport and then using public transport to reach your destination. Trains and buses are of very good standard in Morocco, certainly some of the best in Africa.

If such a route is not obvious, shop around using online travel agents such as Ebookers and Expedia.