Fes: Orientation, Arrival and Transport

Unlike other Moroccan towns, Fez is likely to be bewildering for the first-time tourist. The city is divided into a Medina and a Ville Nouvelle, but the Medina is further divided into two separate cities: Fes el Bali and Fes el Djedid.

Fes el Djedid is the new Fez, established on the edge of the Sebou Valley. It comprises a vast enclosure of palaces and gardens and is pretty easy to get your bearings about. Fes el Bali is the old Fez, down in the bowl of the Sebou Valley. It is an intricate web of alleys and souks difficult to navigate for the first- time visitor. It will take you at least a few days to start feeling confident with the layout of this part of the Medina so it’s a good idea to pay for a guide on your first visit.

Arrival in Fez

By Train

The train station is a ten minutes walk from Place Mohammed V in the Ville Nouvelle.

If you’re staying in Fes el Bali, take a petit taxi or bus #10, #47 to Bab Boudjeloud where most hotels in Fes el Bali are. Other bus services of interest are #10 to the main bus station and #16 to the Airport.

A word of warning: beware of clandestine taxi drivers at the train station charging hefty prices for a ride to town. The standard fare to Fes el Bali should be around 15dh.

By Bus

The main bus station is close to Bab Mahrouk in Fes el Bali. CTM buses will drop you at their office on Avenue Mohammed V in the Ville Nouvelle.

By Grand Taxi

Most grand taxis operate from a yard next to the main bus station outside Bab Mahrouk in Fes el Bali. Exception for those coming from Immouzer, Ifrane and Azrou stopping at Place de l’Atlas and those from Sefrou at Place de la Resistance, both in the Ville Nouvelle. Grand taxis from Meknes stop outside the train station in the Ville Nouvelle.

By Air

Fez Airport, the new Sais Airport, is 15 kilometers south of the city towards Immouzer. To reach town from here you can take a grand taxi or bus #16 which operates every single hour.

Tourist Office in Fes

The main tourist office in Fez is the Delegation de Tourisme in Immeuble Bennani, Place de la Resistance, Avenue Moulay Youssef. It is open Monday to Fridays from 8:30 – Noon and 14:30 – 18:30. Contact telephone number: 055 62 34 60.

There is also the Syndicate d’Initiative on the east side of Place Mohammed V, which is open at the same hours of the Delegation de Tourisme.