Review of Dar Ziryab Fes, Morocco

The new town of Fez is a world away from the medieval walled Medina, but in Dar Ziryab you will find an accommodation of choice that combines the authenticity of the Medina and the openness of the Ville Nouvelle. Located in the centre of the modern city of Fez, Dar Ziryab is authentic, beautifully decorated in artfully tiled mosaic floors and ceilings, rich oriental carpets and filled with antiques and contemporary Moroccan art.

Your host, Jalil El Hayar, is a connoisseur of Moroccan Art and his love of beautiful design and objects shows up everywhere in the refined riad. From fine works of art by modern Moroccan painters, through old textiles from Tetouan and tribal rugs to antique and modern items of ceramic art as well as wood and leather you will find in Dar Ziryab a rich variety of Moroccan treasures. They are skilfully displayed in the many nooks, corners and staircases to create an elegant and luxurious atmosphere, subtly soothing yet essentially refreshing. Just as every other corner of this living museum-cum-art gallery, the bedrooms are a refined combination of traditional and modern Moroccan decorative elements. The rooms at Dar Ziryab are all organized in accordance with traditional Moroccan lifestyle and installed with a modern understanding of comfort and taste. Discover expert crafted zellij on the floors and side walls, carved wood furnishings, colourful lanterns, rich rugs and magnificent bathrooms. The rooms are all very private, some with a terrace and fireplace, but open onto a central lounge room often used for communal aperitifs before dinner.

The intimate candle-lit restaurant serves the cuisine of Fez like no other. Nadia, Jelil’s wife, is an excellent cook who prides herself in cherished recipes handed down from generations. Another art of the Moroccan living at the riad is the traditional Hammam and a delightful garden with colourful and fragrant blooms and majestic palms.