Review of Palais Jamai Fes, Morocco

Hotel Palais Jamai is the most historic and famous hotel in Morocco, only rivaled by the Mamounia in Marrakech.

The appeal of Palais Jamai is the history attached to the building itself, its position and the wonderful beauty of its adjacent gardens. This is an elegant nineteenth-century palace built by the vizier of the Moulay Hassan on the finest of Moorish architectural style. The gardens are superb with their fountains and box-hedge courtyards.

The other appeal of Palais Jamai comes from its position, poised at the top of the Fes el Bali, with panoramic views on the Medina below.

However, expect to pay a lot for the experience of staying here. A basic double comes for 2700dh per night, one with views over the medina is around 3000dh and a stay at the original and breathtaking palace suites comes at a staggering 6000dh per night.