Essaouira Hotels: Reviews of Hotels in Essaouira, Morocco

Essaouira has a great choice of hotels with a good standard. However, as with popular destinations in Morocco, they operate at near full capacity at holiday times. Make sure you book ahead to ensure the accommodation of your choice.

Most of the hotels are within the walls of the town, with a few more nearby at the beach and 2 km south of the Quartiers des Dunes. These are a very easy walk to town, or a short ride by petit taxi.

Essaouira Hotels: Essaouira Town Hotels

The Hotels listed here are in the town of Essaouira, within the confines of the ramparts or close to the Medina.

Residence Hotel al Arboussas Essaouira

Residence Hotel Al Arboussas Essaouira

A large house nicely converted into a tourist accommodation in the centre of the old town of Essaouira. Small rooms but nicely decked out in yellow and blue, impeccably clean, en-suite and comfortable.

Residence Hotel El Mehdi Essaouira

A 19th century town house restored with a modernised and contemporary look. There are spacious rooms, a couple of apartments and a suite. Also a tasteful restaurant, a bar, two patios (one covered and one open) and two terraces.

Essaouira Hotels: Essaouira Beach Hotels

The Hotels listed here are located near the beach, very near town. Others are in the Quartier des Dunes, some 2 km south of Essaouira but still an easy enough walk or taxi ride.

Sofitel Thalassa Mogador Essaouira

Sofitel Thalassa Mogador Essaouira

The most de luxe hotel in Essaouira and arguably the best in terms of amenities available. Airy, comfy and wheelchair-accessible rooms. Facilities include two restaurants, two bars, a pool and a thalassotherapy centre.

Hotel Ryad Mogador Essaouira

A four-star hotel, about 200 meters off Essaouira beach. Built around a swimming pool, it has bright, airy and clean rooms with a nice décor.

Hotel des Iles Essaouira

Hotel des Iles Essaouira

A four-star hotel located beside the walled entrance to the Medina. Features guestrooms decorated in traditional mauresque style, with patterned fabrics and dark wood furniture. Good deal of amenities, including a large multifunction dining room, a restaurant with a sea view and two American-themed bars.

Hotel al Jasira Essaouira

Hotel Al Jasira Essaouira

A three-star hotel in a residential quarter of Essaouira only 200 metres off the beach. Bright rooms and mini-suites equipped with the latest amenities, some of which have a seaview. Facilities include a decent restaurant serving international and Moroccan food and a small swimming pool.

Hotel Smara Essaouira

Hotel Smara Essaouira

A small hotel in Essaouira that’s popular with tourists looking for a cheap spot. Small rooms with shared bathrooms and a roof-top terrace but not much character. In winter, it’s worth paying the extra dirhams for the front rooms with a sea view as the other rooms without a view can get damp and cold.

Hotel Souiri Essaouira

Hotel Souiri Essaouira

A central hotel perfectly located and well kept in Essaouira. Offers a range of rooms, from the cheaper small singles with shared bathroom facilities to the more expensive rooftop apartments complete with seating area, kitchen and terrace.

Les Terraces Essaouira

Les Terraces d’Essaouira

A luxury hotel, to a four-star standard, at the heart of the Medina. Rooms seamlessly combine traditional Moroccan décor with luxury comfort, with TVs, phones, minibar and a shower. Roof-top terrace offers panoramic views across the Medina to the ocean.