Chefchaouen Sights: A Guide to Chefchaouen Tourist Attractions

Like Tetouan, Chefchaouen has a strong Andalusian imprint in its architecture and arts – although less grand and opulent in detail.

The attraction everywhere you go in Chaouen is the extraordinary light and colour: the blue-white walls of the Medina, the houses tiled and with eave and every other splash of shade imaginable in its cobbled alleys.

The Medina

Chefchaouen Medina

Chefchaouen has one of the prettiest medinas in Morocco: less elaborate so you’ll never quite get lost, yet winding enough to keep you diverted.

The medina is a quarter of extraordinary light and colour: buildings are painted a blinding blue and edged by a soft, white colour giving the place a clean, fresh look. The terracotta pantiles on the roofs, in contrast to the flat ones found elsewhere in Morocco, is an obvious assertion of the strong Andalusian influence in Chefchaouen’s architecture.

The Souks

An interesting place to explore in Chefchaouen’s small Medina is the lively souks. These are held on Monday’s and Thursdays in the market square and geared mainly to the tourist industry.

The products on offer are of high quality and reasonable price. Of particular interest are the craftsmen carpet and weaving designs based on old Andalusian designs that have remained unchanged.

Chefchaouen Souk

Place Outa el Hammam and the Kasbah

Most of the town’s lively evening life takes place in Outa el Hammam, a beautiful square in the middle of the Medina. The square is made up mostly of cafes where locals meet and mingle.

On the side of Outa el Hammam is the town’s Kasbah. It was built by Moulay Ismail in the 18th century and today stands as ruins flanked by shady gardens and a museum showcasing local crafts and old photographs of the town.

Ras al Ma

A great place to wind down and enjoy a picnic is Ras el Ma (literally: head of the water), a gorge on the eastern side of town.

The water comes cold and clear in a cascade from the gorge wall and with the proximity of a nearby tomb, it has become the favourite place of many locals.

A day’s hike in the Hills

One of the great wonders of Chefchaouen are the hills surrounding it. Take a day’s hike up into the hills and enjoy some spectacular views.

Head east, up over the mountains and enjoy the twin peaks of Chefchaouen. A four-hour hike will take you to the other side of the mountain where you can see the sea.