Beni Mellal Tourist Attractions

Despite its ever increasing size, Beni Mellal has very few specific sights and only a few tourists if ever set foot here. However, it is a handy stepover on the Fez Marrakech road, thanks for its excellent transport links and the twenty or so hotels in town.

The Kasbah in the Medina, yet another of Moulay Ismail’s endowments, has been restored but is of little interest. Your time is better spent walking up to the hills south of town, where there is the smaller Kasbah of Ras el Ain and the nearby spring of Ain Assardoun.

Kasbah Ras el Ain

Kasbah Ras el Ain Beni Mellal

The Kasbah Ras el Ain is a massive structure made of stone and pisé, precariously set on a Cliffside dominating the town of Beni Mellal. The Kasbah is only a walking distance from the spring of Ain Asserdoun and it is said to have been built to protect the spring and its series of falls from acts of sabotage, as well as supervise the plain and nearby territory.

You can enjoy a panoramic view of Beni Mellal, as well as the orange and olive plantation on the lower slopes of the Djebel Tassemit. Local jokers will also tell you that you can see the sea on a clear day from Kasbah Ras el Ain!

Ain Asserdoun

Not far from Kasbah Ras el Ain is the spring of Ain Asserdoun (Source of the Mule). This powerful spring is especially pleasant, set among well-tended gardens and feeding a series of artificial walls.

The spring is well sign-posted on a Circuit Touristique from the town centre of Beni Mellal. To get to the source, from where you can walk to the Kasbah, take a petit taxi or bus #3 from the Medina of Beni Mellal.

Ain Asserdoun Beni Mellal