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Best of Morocco: Our Top Heritage Sites

In 1972, UNESCO adopted the protection of the world cultural and natural heritage convention. It seeks to protect and preserve the cultural and natural heritage around the world deemed to be of outstanding value to humanity. Of all Morocco’s magnificent sites, there are nine properties inscribed in UNESCO’s World Heritage. These range from archaeological ruins to medieval quarters […]

Top 5 best excursions in Marrakech

At the foot of the snow-topped Atlas Mountains, Marrakech is a magical universe, a perennial favourite of many travellers. It is difficult to imagine visiting Morocco without experiencing Marrakech: the snake charmers and storytellers at Jemaa el Fna, the endless maze of the Medina, the seething and animated souks. The Red City has never lost its […]

Marrakech Riad with Rooftop Swimming Pool

This week’s question is from Richard Timms: I am planning on visiting Marrakech in mid-summer for a week and I am looking for a riad with a  rooftop swimming pool. Any suggestions?  Marrakech in extremely hot in mid-summer with temperatures soaring into the forties. The blazing heat brings things to a crawl and many tourists […]

Travel Tips to Essaouira

Essaouira means ‘little picture’, and the picturesque port town on the Atlantic coast never ceases to attract a growing number of tourists falling under its spell. With its honey-coloured stone battlements, neat whitewashed streets, colorful and roiling medina and wonderful beaches, Essaouira is the perfect respite from the craziness of Marrakech.   Check out our top […]

Top 5 Beautiful Synagogues in Morocco

    From its peak of over 250,000 during the late 1940s, the Jewish community of Morocco has shrunk to less than 3,000 today. However, in every turn and alley of the mellahs, or old Jewish quarters in Moroccan cities, are traces of a long and rich history. These walled neighborhoods have Jewish cemeteries and preserved synagogues, […]

Marrakech: Sixth Most Popular Tourist Destination

  The 2014 TripAdvisor Ranking gives Marrakech a top choice as an International destination TripAdvisor’s ” Traveler’s Choice Awards for Destinations” ranks Marrakech No. 6 on its list of the 25 most popular World destinations, up from No. 19 in 2013. The Red City beat the top two destinations from 2013 – Paris and New York – which dropped to […]