Asilah Morocco: Festival in White and Blue!

Just south of Tangier is Asilah, one of the most elegant and clean ports on the Atlantic Ocean. The medina is an enchanting circuit of towers and ramparts, flanked by palms, dating back to the 16th century. Painted in black and white and dramatically set on cliffs overlooking the Atlantic, Asilah is the perfect setting for delightful seaside walks.

The picturesque town has a rich history, having been Phoenician, Roman, Andalusian and Portuguese. There is a great deal of historical monuments to discover behind the imposing bastions, ramparts and towers surrounding the town. The focus point is the beach, an immense and unspoilt stretch of sand stretching to the north halfway to Tangier.

Asilah is best known as a hangout for artists from around the world thanks to its International Festival, or Moussem. The Asilah Festival has been inaugurated in 1978 and has been held every year ever since. It runs during the month of August, at the height of the festive season, for three to four weeks. The programme includes dance, art, music, painting and poetry and attracts performers from around the globe.