Al Hoceima: Guide to Al Hoceima, Morocco

If you’re travelling through the Rif, Al Hoceima is one place you would want to stop over and relax for a couple of days – maybe longer. It is large enough to be truly Mediterranean, unlike the farming hamlets and tribal markets of the Rif. Yet, the city itself is a relaxing place, without the hassle and bustle of Tangier or Fez.

Al Hoceima doesn’t have a lot to offer in terms of sight seeing. The town is relatively young and the buildings here are similar to what you’ll see in any other Moroccan city. However, the setting of Al Hoceima is idyllic, with wooded hills behind the town sloping down to the cliffs of the town beach: Plage Qualermo.

The festive season is quite hectic, with the beach overcrowded with holidaying Moroccans and French tourists – rooms can be particularly hard to come by. Remember that Al Hoceima is a small town and not geared towards tourism the way, say, Tangier is. Late spring or September is the best time to visit Al Hoceima for an idyllic, relaxing holiday.