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Morocco Holidays Guide is a Guide to the Real Morocco!

Being a bi-lingual fluent in both French and English, I have found that accurate, Moroccan-based tourist resources are sorely lacking in English. Most information-driven (as opposed to plain sales pitches) websites are mostly in French, something that’s probably got a lot to do with Morocco’s colonial legacy. And so came this idea of building a website in English, targeted to a British audience.

Your Travel Guide to Morocco

This Morocco Guide is a travel guide for English-speaking tourists visiting Morocco from a real person, who happens to be a Moroccan with extensive knowledge of the country, its landscape, major attractions and its unique local culture.

The Morocco Holidays Guide contains everything I know about different parts of Morocco, and my extensive research about travelling in the country:

  1. You will see that Morocco has a lot more to offer than souks, beaches and palm oases. You can surf, ski, go on a trekking expedition and play golf in beautiful surroundings in different locations throughout the country.
  2. Learn about the different types of accommodation in Morocco: from hotels, riads and campsites. You will get accurate information about the location of your hotels and the standard of accommodation you can expect.
  3. Find the best places to visit and make your journey easier with our map detailing sightseeing locations among the labyrinth of squares in the Medinas (old quarters). We also tell you about secret places only locals know about…
  4. Learn a few words that’ll come in handy during your travel in the local language: that is Moroccan Arabic and Berber. You will also learn about the local culture, essential to appreciate your stay in the country.
  5. Finally, a showcase of Morocco’s world-renewed cuisine. We proud ourselves on our couscoustagine and I will tell you exactly how to replicate your dining experience in Morocco in your own kitchen.

Remember that there is a lot more in Morocco that you will be able to explore in a single trip – no matter how lengthy it is! So before you travel, take your time and explore your options.

Explore Morocco Holidays Guide so that when you set out to travel to Morocco, you will know exactly where to go and what to see.

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Your Morocco Holidays Guide