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Morocco Holidays Guide is your expert background to everything you need to know for your Morocco Holiday. From getting there, where to go and what to see… let a Moroccan guide you throughout your journey!

For visitors and tourists alike, Morocco has always held an immediate and fascinating charm. Only an hour’s ride on the ferry from Spain, it is close to Europe, yet at once far from it – a fabulous mixture of East and West, a meeting point between Europe and Africa. Big cities like RabatCasablanca or Tangier are highly hyghbridised and seedy from their long European contact. This is tangible in their architecture and cosmopolitan feel which is unlike any other southern European city.

Yet, throughout the country, a distant past always makes itself felt. In Medinas (old quarters), a glorious labyrinth dotted with squares, markets and century-old buildings, life is still rooted in medieval times. High in the Atlas Mountains, the indigenous Berber people maintain a simple and traditional life unchanged by 21st century comfort. Houses and granaries, tiered on rocky slopes, are made of clay or stone, and men and women join in circles to sing and dance the traditional ahouache (Berber dance).

A backdrop to all this is Morocco’s extraordinary physical make-up: unspoiled Mediterranean and Atlantic coast, four majestic mountains and great Saharan routes. All of this makes Morocco a rewarding experience for tourists of all kinds: independent, family-oriented and backpackers. During your Morocco holiday, you can cover a wide range of activities: relax at the laid-back Atlantic resorts like Essaouira , wander the old streets of Marrakech and Fez and enjoy the extraordinary monuments and souks, hike in the High Atlas or take a drive through the southern oases.

Moroccans are also renowed for their warmth, humour, openess and sociability. Your experience will be shaped by the great tradition of hospitality during your encounters with ordinary Moroccans, in cosmopolitan cities and remote villages alike. This is a country where tourists just love to return to again and again!

Morocco Holidays Guide: Explore Every Corner of Morocco

Morocco Holidays Guide is designed to be your one-stop for everything Morocco Travel. The Introductory part covers basics including Morocco Visa , Flights to Morocco from the UK and continental Europe, Morocco Map detailing the main tourist destinations in the country, and other practicalities. We will then explore Morocco in depth, based on its main geographical zones. In each section, we will explore the main tourist attractions, accommodation and night life.

The language section gives you enough Moroccan Arabic and Berber to get by. Finally, the food section will present you with some authentic Moroccan recipes for the country’s main signature dishes – explore our authentic couscous recipes and tagines recipes.